Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brussels Sprouts-Potato Hash

What do you do with a batch of beautiful Brussels Sprouts?  While strolling (virtually) through the Vegan Mofo blogroll the other day, I saw some delectable photos of Brussels Sprout hash.  I would post the link to them, but I can't remember where I saw it.  Even so, I just had to try it.  I didn't follow a recipe--really, hash is about leftovers.  Instead, I just chopped and tossed according to inspiration, with mouthwatering results.  I may add fried tofu cubes or a leftover Tofurkey beer brat to the rest of it for lunch tomorrow, but for now, no need.  Even without extra protein, this dish tastes fantastic, for die-hard Brussels sprouts fans, and even those who give them a 'meh.'

I started fresh pack of Brussels sprouts I got at the co-op on Monday night, where I shop while my oldest son is taking his drum lesson across the street.  Rinse, slice.

Next, I sliced a red onion (I only had red left from my last CSA haul), cubed a couple of baking potatoes (not the best for frying, but also what I had left from my last CSA pickup), and halved a lemon.

I heated a splash of olive oil in a skillet and grated a big fat clove of garlic into the oil.  On top of that, I added about a quarter cup of raw pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds), most of which I bought to make green mole (stay tuned).

After the garlic began to golden-up and pepitas started popping, I added the onions (saute 5 minutes), the potatoes (saute 5 minutes), and then the Brussels sprouts, then some sea salt, black pepper, and ground chipotle powder.  I sauteed everything for about 15 more minutes, then squeezed half a lemon over the whole shebang and covered the pan to let the potatoes steam a bit, since they weren't getting soft--about 15 more minutes.

And this was dinner--light but filling, nutty and sweet, savory and crunchy--and exactly what I wanted.

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  1. I am always on the search for great Brussels sprouts recipes. This one looks wonderful and very easy…which I’m also always looking for.