Monday, January 14, 2008

Burrito Dinner

Tonight, I thought we had no food left, and no money left over in the week's budget. But then I was inspired. I warmed whole wheat tortillas. I found homemade veggie burger mix that I made two days ago from Vegan with a Vengeance. It never got solid enough to make a burger that would hold together, and was sitting in a bowl in the fridge. I cooked it in a little peanut oil, as if it were ground meat. For the boys, I cooked some ground venison Ben's friend gave us last month, that was still in the freezer. I topped their burritos with cheese (not mine) and baked them all in a stoneware baking pan.

I garnished the cooked burritos with letttuce, chopped tomato, and avocado slices dressed with fresh lime juice and sea salt (avocadoes four for $3.29 at Fareway, purchased a few days ago and just now ripe). I also made polenta with soy milk and non-hydrogenated margarine (I didn't tell anybody it was vegan and they all loved it), topped with warmed canned black beans. Ben and I finished an almost-too-old bottle of red wine from last week, and the boys drank apple juice. It was delicious, fulfilling, and soul-satisfying. When I've digested this great meal, I will meditate on making much out of little. Om...

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