Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer's Over, MoFo Begins!

First of all, I can't believe it's time for Vegan MoFo again! If that doesn't kick me back into blogging on this site, nothing will. It's been a crazy-busy summer, what with two vacations and what-not, but now I'm back from my most recent foray to Key West and ready to dig back in, get back to work, and make it happen.

Second, I've got a new focus. As a co-author of many diet books, I feel compelled to perhaps at lesat consider practicing what I preach with a bit more rigor (i.e., Do I really need to make cookies again? Do I really need to eat that many Twizzlers while watching Project Runway? Do I really need the entire avocado AND the crumbled corn chips on top of my chili? I mean seriously...)

Third, about the yoga...I've had to take the whole summer off from asana because of a knee injury that is finally seeming almost better. I can almost do Uttanasa again, and for anybody who knows me, you know that's big because pre-knee-issue, I could practically rest my forearms on the darned floor. I have hypermobility syndrome which sounds really cool if you want to do lotus pose while in headstand, but is not really cool at all when you suffer one injury after another because you are too flexible and your muscles can't compensate and you have to stop doing asana altogether! Therefore, my new yoga focus is strength, strength, strength. Build it!

This third point dovetails nicely with the second point, since losing weight is of course easier on taxed tendons and lax ligaments. These both circle back nicely, like a lovely dhanurasana, to Vegan Mofo, where I will be blogging much more regularly about both these issues--with all the focus on the food, of course, as is required for MoFo. (Maybe November can be MoYo.)

In preparation for my renewed rigor on all counts, here are some pics of what I've been eating this summer, when I wasn't gallivanting around Key West or lazing about on Topsail Island or hailing the pool bar servers at the Don Cesar in Saint Pete. Oh what the heck, I'll share some of those pics, too.

Kiddos and me in the sea (Topsail Island, NC)

The gorgeous Don Cesar in St. Pete Beach

Uncle John and I on the St. Pete Pier

This is the car we rented to explore Florida. I think Ben took more pictures of the car than anything else.
Breakfast by the pool.

Hummus wrap on Duval Street at the Lazy Dog.

I swear he was posing.
One of the Hemingway House cats--he didn't feel like showing us whether he had six toes or not.
This guy owns the street.
We won a bottle of wine at the AIDS benefit raffle at the Green Parrot!

Roasted farmer's market vegetable platter with cranberry almond tabbouleh and ponzu-glazed tofu at Seasons 52 in Tampa, on our last night in Florida.
Good-bye Key West!

And with all that, I bid good-bye to summer and welcome fall with open arms. Let's do this thing!

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