Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dinner at the Red Avocado, and Buck

Tonight, we went out for dinner again (decadent!), this time at The Red Avocado.  The occasion: the last night that the documentary Buck is playing at the Bijou Theater.  I just happened to see that it was here at all, and I'm so glad I didn't miss it.

But first, the food.  We started with a beer (shouldn't most meals?).  I had a Madhouse Brewery (Iowa) Honey Pilsner and Ben had a Bell's Two Hearted (which the menu called 'Double Hearted--what?), and an appetizer of hummus and white bean purée.

Next, Smoky Sunset--sweet potatoes and tempeh with garlic aioli, yum! I've been craving tempeh all day. It was absolutely delicious and the aioli tasted like smoke in the best possible way.  Ben had the Salad Organica.

Finally, the movie--a beautiful and moving documentary about Buck Brannaman, the man who was a model and advisor for The Horse Whisperer movie. Four stars.  A must-see if you like horses or animals in general.  Or even people.

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