Saturday, March 12, 2011

Working lunch

As I finish up my next book, I am eating lunch at my desk on Saturday.  Bummer!  But that's o.k. because I get to eat two pieces of wholegrain sourdough toast. I topped one with mashed sweet potatoes, black beans, and pink salt.  The other got the almond butter, bananas, and raw cacao nibs treatment.  Another cup of coffee, and I'll finish this thing in no time!

Lenten update:  I am lame.  Last night at Happy Hour, I had a shot of Patron with club soda and a lime.  But just one, and nothing when I went out for dinner later!  I'm not going to throw in the towel, I'm going to consider that a single slip and try not to do it again.  Still no sugar.  Interestingly, I noticed that I wasn't constantly hungry all day yesterday--likely a product of reduced sugar intake.  Note the delicious natural sweetness of my lunch--who needs cane sugar when you can eat like this? 

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