Friday, March 11, 2011

Curry soup, sushi rolls, and sesame coleslaw

I've been eyeing a recipe in Vegetarian Times for Chickpea and Greens Curry Soup.  Last night I finally made it, leaving off the suggested yogurt garnish.  Basic method:  Saute onions and a lot of spices (curry, cinnamon, turmeric, chili powder, nutmeg), then add chopped greens (I used lacinato kale, the recipe suggests spinach), then add can of chickpeas, 1 chopped tomato, 4 cups veg broth, 1 can coconut milk, and simmer for an hour.  Garnish with chopped fresh cilantro .  It was good but not salty enough for me, so I added a bit of soy sauce towards the end, which made it perfect. 

As that simmered, I made sushi rolls, one flavor with marinated tofu, avocado, and green onions, the other with sweet potatoes and sauteed mushrooms.  Deliciousness.  My teenager devoured most of the sweet potato rolls--he's not very good at sharing.  Finally, chopped red cabbage tossed with chopped scallions, cilantro, sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, a pinch of 5-spice powder, and sesame seeds.  

Lenten update: So far, so good.  No sugar, no alcohol.  We'll see how it goes when I meet a friend for happy hour today and order a club soda with lemon.  Will I be able to handle the inevitable peer pressure?


  1. OMG, how did I not know about your blog?? The curry soup looks and sounds amazing! And the pics are gorgeous -- are you the photographer or is that Ben's magic?

  2. Thanks, I actually took most of these!