Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pizza, salad, pears

I didn't have a lot of time to cook tonight.  After working out with one teenager at the gym and then picking up the other teenager at the bowling alley (bowling is an actual high school sport now--who knew?), I had to pick up my local CSA share.  Fortunately, my local food co-op makes excellent pizza.  Therefore, dinner:  Vegan pizza from NewPi, big salad with local CSA lettuces (three kinds) and breakfast radishes plus red peppers, hearts of palm, and peas. I was a sesame vinaigrette girl until I discovered Goddess Dressing.  And then of course the pears--because everybody should eat more fruit.  There are days when I am thankful for how far convenience food has come.

While picking up my produce, I was dutifully chided by one of the farmers, who was apparently angry to see my less-than-enthusiastic opinions of stripetti squash published for the world to see.  Apparently, I am doing a disservice to CSAs and stripetti squashes everywhere!  Oops.  I'm sorry stripetti squash (and CSAs everywhere).  I didn't mean to diss you.  The farmer gave me specific instructions on how to cook them so they will be irresistible, and requested that I try it and publish that.   Um...OK!  I was also recently informed by the author of the squash article in Hobby Farm Home magazine that when I tried to make her recipe for squash truffles, I skipped a crucial step. Oops!  Sorry, Adrianne!

Apparently, squash and I have some making up to do.  And I have every opportunity, as this is what I now have on my table.  I will do better, squashes.  I promise, I will do better.  This weekend.

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